About me

I am Diksha – a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. Presently I am in class 12 with Computer Science as an elective. This blog was created by me in class 11.

Believe me having a blog is really helpful. It acts as a pool of resources. You made a program months ago and now you are having some problems making it again. This is where your BLOG comes to rescue.

You may be thinking that you can alternatively view the program you already made from your computer. Yes, you can always do that. But suppose if the windows gets corrupted or say that there is some problem with an internal part and the system stops working AND YOU HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW.

What will you do in this case? Your computer is no more going to help you.

Perhaps now you may be thinking that you can get the programs from the internet. Again you can always do this but sometimes there are situations when your do not get that program in that particular language. Or if you do, sometimes it takes a full hour dry-running the program before you can actually figure out what’s happening. So, again not reliable.

On the other hand since your program is made by you so you know each and every detail (or at least most of the details) about the program. As a result you are saved from the time spent in dry-running the code.

But since the computer isn’t working, we must have a way out!!!!

Here comes our Blog….

By posting on a blog we do not have such issues. Our data is online so it can be accessed from anywhere. And since we have made it so there is no need of dry-running it.

So you see that a blog is useful. Now here comes the point that why am I making my programs publicly accessible.

There are two reasons:-

1. This is the one which I’ve already explained in the above paragraphs.

2. The other reason is that I want my programs to be useful to other people too. No, I don’t mean copy-paste mechanism like that of macros. What I mean is that a person has tried a lot and is still not getting that he can get an idea of the logic by looking at these (Perhaps it will be useful to him). Here again I do not insist on copying. Just have a look (if you have tried a lot and still not getting the logic) and program on your IDE yourself. That will be beneficial for you too.

My idea and reason of making blog should have been clear by this point. Now I introduce myself to you.

As I said, my name is Diksha and I am a KVian. Computer Science is my favourite subject and my favourite pass-time too. As I’ve named my blog Programming gives me joy. Apart from this I like writing poems though I feel lack of time for this.

By this point I think I’ve talked a lot.

Well, a few last words:



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